Saturday, 6 November 2010


Sometimes being alone
Depicts the very thought of you
Missing "ME" in "YOU"
Makes it's own compromise...

- shammi muthuvel


Waiting in the hot sun

I saw a silent shadow walking in 
creeping slowly

Even the droplets of water
Swallow shadows
Bestowing them,
But not me

Getting scared I ran to the end
And the shadow
Grew even more larger
Making a trap enough
To swallow me.....

shammi muthuvel

A Silent Killer

Dripping in an intruding silence
I lost my self

 There came a silent killer
Having his own passion
To take life...
Creeping slowly

I thought of running
I fell into the trap and
I am into his kill....

- shammi muthuvel

Sat'yr of Dreams

Angel_Rose_byAnneStokes.jpg Angel Rose image by BreezeKittyLiz

Desperate of words....
I had been through a notion of love......
Bewildering passion that crept deep inside
Paddling in and in...
With out thee
Hue of cries and despise....
Alluring thoughts of solitude....
In darkest dreams there had been a gratitude 
But in the slightest awakening i left my soul....
oh!!!! you always been in the darkest and the lightest ....O.....all
Feathery wings had brought the altruism all the way
Beckoning me always brings you the brightest bay....
I had been in all your feel...
As you do ......
The torrent winds that made the stride......
The plethora of mind which i always hide.....
Being a  sat'yr of the dreams....flying high and high ...

-shammi muthuvel


Friday, 5 November 2010


You said that...
Every now and then
Yet another lie
I thought shrugging my shoulders
Pulling me beside
You stared for a moment
Yup I found that
My replica stored in your eyes....

-shammi muthuvel

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


"A shattered glass
Shows its clause..
Depicting  two indifferent structures
Some times lengthy
Some times  round 
Neither  proper negotiations
Nor proper perceptions
 There goes a silent picture
Truly conscious and sub conscious 
 In both versus 
 Angelic and satanic, 
Placed in the same row
Still seated as strangers and rose 
As a torn pieces of paper in wind
Tries to fly the reminiscence
And it  did ingratiated as
The leftover's of the today in y esters" ...

shammi muthuvel


"You are there in
Every ache...Every tear...
Solemnly .,I never knew ...
The  memories behind
Had always been dark ..
Yet dignified ..trenchantly pulling 
The covers of silence., 
so cowardice to recollect
The day you said," sorry am moving off"
Parted  in the drenching rain ..
Still it was you who made me..
who destroyed me .
I walked all alone in the narrow street 
Accompanied with the tear
And a streak of rain..."

shammi muthuvel


In-depth a joy of  glory arose..
All I dream't is to be in your arms
Walk in together in the woods
In an endless path....

Never mind the hollows
That kept crept in...
Profusely I gave in and on 
The  blithe ...

Lost in the thoughts of you..
Immersing pathetically ..
The dreams are so pacifying 
That you are the who 
I am for..
I din know you....yet...
Where are you?....
Who you are?..

-shammi muthuvel


He had an impish smile...
Drowning me was his silent mission
 I was attracted by the  passion
 With a void black hole of amusement ..
The words of him were serene 
No disguise of thoughts
Slowly and steadily he proceeded
I was his prey
which I never want to  repel
Is the other name of his is LOVE?

shammi muthuvel